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A. Vision

The vision of STMIK Dharma Putra is

"To be The Leader of Information Technology"

B. Mission

Regarding to that, STMIK Dharma Putra accomplishes the mission as follows :
  • Held supportive programs providing qualified graduates to fulfil the user community requirement.
  • Increase and develop the system and service quality by constructing a scientific atmosphere in campus life.mpus.
  • Carry out the Tri Dharma of the Higher Education.
  • Establish relationship with other colleges and educational institutions in achieving the success of our platform implementation.
  • Create a Community College that empowers and explores the community.
C. Objective

As for the objectives of STMIK Dharma Putra is to bring about democratic and just national education in order to strengthen the accomplishment of human quality having the characteristics that are:
  • Noble
  • Creative and innovative
  • Disciplined and responsible
  • National perspective
  • Mastering science and technology- as well as applying it continuously. Hence, the vision and mission of STMIK Dharma Putra have been determined.
D. Slogan

The slogan of STMIK Dharma Putra is "Work to shape the Nation through Science and Technology"


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